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Who is Swagefast?

Swagefast ® was established in 1994 as an SME supplier of Industrial-, Normal-, Specialised Fasteners, Bearings, Belting, Swagebolt Pins & Collars, Installation Equipment and spare parts for the latter. Since then the company has established itself as a leader in the marketplace as a reliable and well known supplier.

Vibration and shock can quickly impair joint reliability and affect overall product performance. When using the Swagefast ® Fastening System you are assured of a highly vibration resistant joint because the Collar is swaged into the annular locking grooves of the Swagebolt, ensuring a permanent lock. Installation is simple, fast and virtually fool proof … even with unskilled personnel.

The shear strength of the Swagefast ® Swagebolt Fastening System is reason enough to specify it for heavy duty, high vibration applications. It can be used with confidence because the majority of Fasteners has been designed to meet or exceed SAE Grade 5 or ASTM A-325 and ISO (8.8) strength requirements ensuring high Clamp Force, Tensile- and Shear strength depending on the application.