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Swagefast offers a range of standard and close quarter fastener tools as well as high performance SwagePac hydraulic powerigs to complement our Swagebolt fasteners. Our fasteners and tools combine to provide an innovative fastening system that is suitable for numerous assembly applications for multiple industries.

Swagefast installation equipment / tooling systems work with the fastener to pull and clamp the application together quickly and safely. A typical installation equipment system comprises a tool, nose assembly, hose set and powerig unit. The powerig drives the tool and the nose assembly provides the installation link between the fastener and the tool. Installation tools and nose assemblies are designed to install specific fastener types and diameters – the choice of the installation equipment system is determined by the fastener type, diameter, application and intended usage.


Nose Assemblies – provide the link between the Fastener and the Installation Tool.  Nose Assemblies are designed to install specific Fastener Types and Diameters. 

Installation Tooling – consists of hydraulic/pneumatic in-line handheld models that are designed to install/remove a wide range of Fasteners.  Installation Tools are designed to be operated on pressurized hydraulic fluid/air as supplied by the SwagePac/Compressor units.  All installations tools are trigger operated.

Hydraulic Hose Kits – connecting Installation Tools to SwagePac hydraulic units.  They are available in 3m, 6m, 8m, 10 and 15m lengths.

SwagePac Hydraulic Units – are available in various configurations and are operated by electrical and gasoline power sources.